"Best Bet"

"BEST BET - February 16, 2001" (out of 160 other Chicago-area productions that weekend!) ~ Chicago Tribune
On January 17, 2004 - By Carol Kimball

"BEST BET - February 16, 2001" 

(out of 160 other Chicago-area productions that weekend!)

                                                            ~ Chicago Tribune


"Lust 'n Rust, The Trailer Park Musical is refreshing. The script is tight and well written and the songs veer between laugh-out-loud funny and downright romantic."

~ Paul Barile, Reporter/Progress


"...the well-written songs in Lust 'n Rust, which pay tribute to blue-collar life, remain the musical's selling point. Haney, Kimball and Stratton have a deft hand around a ballad as well as the upbeat numbers."  

~ Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times


"...the tunes in this show are right nice. (They) have a real knack for entertaining country-western songs that aid in character development and advance the plot."

~ Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader


"...feisty and stirring country music... These hit songs don't even need dialogue to support them."                                    

                                                            ~ Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune



In January of 2001, Lust 'n Rust had its world premiere run at the Theatre Building in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, setting box office records at this Chicago institution. The Theatre Building has been home to such highly regarded theatre companies as Steppenwolf, Northlight, Organic, Famous Door, Lookingglass, and many others.


"In my history of working at the TB, I cannot remember a show with a better opening week.  An average opening week is about one fifth of what you took in."

~ Lorraine Townsend, Theatre Building


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Carol Kimball



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David Stratton



tel: 847-963-0812

Frank Haney



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About Lust 'n Rust, The Trailer Park Musical

Productions of Lust 'n Rust are popping up all around the country as theatre companies are discovering this delightful play by Frank Haney, Carol Kimball and Dave Stratton.

Productions were mounted in:

Trenton, NJ, at The Kelsey Theatre, 2007

Prince Frederick, MD,at the Patuxent Playhouse, 2007

Enfield, CT at the Valley Rep Theatre, 2008

Hollywood, CA, at the Lyric Theatre, 2011

Moultrie, GA, at The Arts Centre Theatre, 2012

Kingston, NY, at the Coach House Players, 2012

Watch for upcoming shows!

Lust 'n Rust, The Trailer Park Musical